Does your child have an airway problem?

At Elite Dental of Staten Island, we offer a range of airway and sleep apnea treatments If your child has experienced some airway problems, read on to find out more about the condition. Why are children susceptible to airway problems? Anatomic features of an immature airway, as well as age-related developmental issues and general health


The link between oral health and heart disease

It’s no secret that your oral health is linked to your overall wellness, but did you know research now shows there is a connection between oral health and heart disease? According to studies, advanced gum disease can increase your risk of developing heart disease. Here’s what you should know about the connection, and how you


Your oral health during pregnancy

Dental health plays an important part in your overall wellness, and hormonal changes during pregnancy can have an impact on your teeth and gums. Here’s what you can expect Can morning sickness affect my oral health? For many women, morning sickness is a big part of pregnancy, and can have some unfortunate effects on day-to-day


Good oral health affects overall wellness

Research shows that poor oral health can affect the rest of the body, so for the sake of your overall well-being, it’s essential that you stick to a healthy regime and go for dental check-ups regularly. Here’s what you need to know about taking care of your teeth and gums… What is gum disease? Gum


How Myofunctional Therapy Works

Many children struggle with crowded teeth and incorrect jaw alignment: but did you know that these problems are often caused by poor oral habits that begin early in life? The good news is that early treatment is usually very helpful in preventing the development of more serious issues. While traditional orthodontic treatments produce some effective


5 Dental Health Tips for Back to School

The team at Elite Dental of Staten Island have put together some simple tips to keep your child’s teeth healthy and bright throughout the school year The ski jackets and hot cocoa have been traded in for uniforms and books as your little ones head back to school. This year will be filled with the


Why is good dental care so important?

Did you know our oral health gives us clues about the health of our entire body? Issues in your mouth can often affect the health of the rest of your body Your mouth, like many areas of your body, is teeming with bacteria. In low numbers, these bacteria are generally harmless, but when they start

Airway Concerns as a Result of Headgear

Right to Grow is an organisation dedicated to ending the practice of orthodontic growth stunting. What does this mean? Research shows that the relationship between some orthodontic care derived from the Victorian era has lead to significant concerns in patients ability to breath during sleep (often leading to obstructive sleep apenea). Today some orthodontic care is