Important Dental Health Information

To my patients –

Please take a moment to read a very informative and enlightening article on how dental infections, if left untreated, could like to hospitalization. It is a reminder for us all that regular dental checkups and continued conversations between a dentist and his or her patient is critical to overall good health. Never hesitate to talk to me or my staff about any health issue you may have. Having updates on both your medical issues and your dental needs allows us to make sure your overall health is the best it can be.



Using a series of targeted exercises, myofunctional therapy creates harmony between the facial muscles to ensure effective breathing, speaking, eating and socializing.
for children and adults
In honor of Children's Dental Health Month, we're hosting an exciting event about myofunctional therapy, and how your child's breathing could affect their health for the rest of their life. This event will take place at our office on Monday February 26 from 4.30pm