Child Airway Concern

How do airway concerns affect your child’s behavior?

The development of your child’s face and mouth can greatly affect their ability to breath and sleep, as well as causing a number of ongoing health problems Many parents don’t realize the importance of ensuring your child’s airways are clear and free of obstruction. Problem behaviors such as hyperactivity, lack of attention, and trouble concentrating

It’s Always Better to be Over Prepared Than Under Prepared – How Preventive Dentistry can Help Protect your Mouth

Catch it before it becomes a real problem with preventive dentistry… To help avoid severe dental problems and major restorative procedures it is best to get proactive with preventive dentistry treatments and oral hygiene routines! This can help keep your mouth fresh and vibrant while maintaining healthy gums and oral structure in the years to

CariFree can help refine your oral health regime!

CariFree is an advanced dental tool used to identify signals of harmful bacteria and decay in the mouth! Here at Elite Dental of Staten Island, we are dedicated to a preventative approach to dentistry that assists in reducing the amount of dental decay that affects the mouth. Preventative dentistry is the best way to prevent

Save Yourself From Painful Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth are one of the most common complaints people have when visiting the dentist… Overexposed dentin is what causes those shooting pains that interfere with enjoying hot or cold foods. Tooth decay, chipped or cracked teeth, worn down tooth enamel or fillings and exposed tooth roots are conditions that can lead up to dentin

Why sugar-free gum can help prevent decay

With the announcement of Kraft producing a gum that whitens teeth, we at Elite Dental decided to investigate further the effect of chewing gum… Food giant Kraft has developed a new formula for tooth-whitening chewing gum. The company has claimed improved stability of peroxide in gum compositions, and has filed a patent for tooth-whitening chewing

Cut decay with coconut oil

New study proves coconut oil prevents tooth decay It has already been established that coconut oil produces many benefits in the body which include shiny hair, beautiful skin, weight loss and management, stress relief and increased immunity. It also provides relief from kidney problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, bone strength and is antifungal and

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Thanks to environmental changes, children are now being born, and growing up to adulthood with malformed airways and jaws.
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