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5 problems which can be resolved with dental implants

Dental implants are an innovative solution for replacing one or more missing teeth

If you’ve lost a tooth through decay, trauma, a sporting accident, or simply by biting down on a hard piece of candy, not replacing your missing tooth can have detrimental consequences to your overall oral health.

If you’re missing one, two, or maybe even all of your teeth, dental implants provide an effective treatment solution for replacing any of your missing teeth.  Putting off treatment may lead to a number of problems, including some of the following:

1.       Deterioration of jawbone

Your natural teeth are embedded into the jawbone and stimulate its preservation through activities such as chewing and biting. When teeth are missing, the portion of the jawbone which anchors the teeth in the mouth can no longer receive stimulation. Because of this, the bone will begin to deteriorate in a process known as resorption. As the body thinks it no longer needs the bone so it will begin to break down.

Deterioration of the bone can lead to a number of problems. It can alter the appearance of your face as the bone loss will cause your cheeks and jaw to sag and develop “jowls” and can also decrease your chances of being suitable for dental implant treatment.

2.       Gum disease and periodontitis

Periodontal or gum disease is an infection of the gums which gradually destroys the support of your natural teeth. When you don’t replace a missing tooth, it leaves a large open area of exposed gum; this exposed area can be a breeding ground for bacteria to grow and develop into gum disease.

Gum disease can quickly develop into more severe periodontitis. This periodontitis deteriorates the underlying jawbone and can result in the loss of more teeth.

3.       Shifting teeth

When large gaps are not filled, it leaves space for the existing teeth to move and shift into the gaps. Your jaw and teeth are constantly moving as you get older, and although the shifting will be minimal as time goes on, leaving an unfilled gap can cause esthetic concerns and problems with eating and speaking.

The shifting of teeth can not only cause functional issues but it can also affect your suitability for dental implant treatment if left too late.

4.       Head and neck aches

When you have a missing tooth, the remaining teeth have no opposite number to rest upon or bite against. This can cause the remaining teeth to over erupt and damage the opposing gum. Stress at the jaw joint can lead to chronic head and neck aches.

5.       Sinus expansion

When teeth are missing in the back upper jaw, the sinus cavity above can begin to expand and erode the jaw bone. This can lead to a number of severe sinus problems and can greatly affect your candidacy for dental implant treatment. In this case, a sinus lift may be required before treatment.

Dental implants at Elite Dental of Staten Island

Dental implant treatment can help to restore the form and function of your smile, whilst also preventing the development of issues caused by not replacing a missing tooth. The experienced team at Elite Dental of State Island is proud to offer a wide range of dental implant options, ensuring patients achieve the results they desire.

As leaders in the field of dentistry, we are proud to serve patients in Staten Island and all over New York City. We strive to create an ongoing relationship with our patients and are committed to the education of oral health and wellness among the community.

If you’re missing a tooth and considering dental implant treatment, book your dental implant consultation today!