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Save Yourself From Painful Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth are one of the most common complaints people have when visiting the dentist…

Overexposed dentin is what causes those shooting pains that interfere with enjoying hot or cold foods. Tooth decay, chipped or cracked teeth, worn down tooth enamel or fillings and exposed tooth roots are conditions that can lead up to dentin being disturbed.

Overall, this common uncomfortable condition is caused by a number of things one simply cannot help such as genetics, age, or severe accidents. However, Dr Steve Acker in Staten Island has a few simple tips that can help prevent those painful moments you have with your pearly whites…

3 Things to Avoid That Cause Sensitive Teeth

Neglecting Healthy Hygiene Habits

Regular dental check-ups are extremely important but are unfortunately overlooked. Tooth decay and periodontal disease can be easily detected and treated with routine visits to the dentist. Periodontal disease, or disease of the gums, can be particularly destructive if left unchecked. The progress of neglect can lead to a serious infection, or worse, result in degradation of a major bone structure.

Aggressive Tooth Brushing

Brushing with too much pressure can cause abrasions to the surface of teeth as well as wear down and aggravate the gum line leading to increased sensitivity. Forming the habit of using more gentle strokes and a soft-bristled brush can reduce unintended harm to teeth and gums.

Using Harsh Toothpaste

Most people don’t think twice about the toothpaste brands they trust. But a quick look at the label will disclose a whole list of harmful ingredients that could be contributing to your sensitive teeth condition. Preservatives, abrasive bleaches and even high levels of sugar can be commonly found–all of which increase sensitivity.

By being mindful of these simple tips you can greatly reduce the unintentional pain you apply to your teeth. But if your sensitivity issues persist, there are alternative treatments that patients can choose to help drastically ease discomfort.

Dr Steve Acker offers innovative techniques to help hypersensitivity regardless of the source…

Gum Healthy and Hygiene Program

As mentioned before, poor gum health is one of the leading causes of sensitive teeth. One of our main focuses is to help patients be proactive in preventing neglected gums through offering non-surgical Periodontal Therapies. Through this treatment, the condition of gum tissues is assessed and a combination ultrasonic and hand instruments are applied to repair affected areas. Preceding this phase of treatment is the use of antibacterial medications and follow up visits.

CariFree System for Oral Health

CariFree® is an advanced method combining science and technology to evaluate the severity of bacterial infection that could be causing sensitivity. The CariFree system measures the magnitude harmful bacterias through a careful, yet simple to perform a test that includes a quick scan that determines your risk of developing cavities in the future. The straightforward treatment includes using specialized antibacterial mouthwashes that reduce damaging bacterias that can develop on teeth and in gums.

If you have any questions on how to prevent painful symptoms of sensitive teeth contact us today for an appointment at 718 370 1200. Or, schedule a consultation and come directly to our office located at 2291 Victory Boulevard in Staten Island, N.Y. 10314.