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Straight from the news – Regular dental care can save lives

Don’t wait too long before your next dental visit.

Here at Elite Dental in Staten Island, our principal dentist Dr. Steve Acker is hard-pressed to stress the importance of attending regular check-ups with your dentist to avoid oral health issues that may have been misdiagnosed or overlooked.

The following article discusses a piece published by The American Academy for Oral Systematic Health which brings to light an important and even life threatening misconception related to maxillary sinus disease of odontogenic origin and the link of symptoms commonly assumed to be regular sinus problems.

The article reads that one individual named John Schneider mistook his discomfort for a sinus infection. Finally when he did opt for treatment to the area, the infection inside his mouth had spread – poisoning his blood and shutting down his organs.

Although the medical practitioners worked hard, John underwent open heart surgery but regrettably perished the following day.

To find out more about the article posted by Ashley Williams follow the link below:

Postponing Dental Care May Be Fatal 

Dental check-ups are a fundamental requirement for everyone. If you’re worried about your dental health, Dr Steve Acker and our team at Elite Dental, Staten Island are committed to delivering a compassionate and skill service to all our patients.

If you haven’t visited our practice before, take a look at the Your First Visit page, and allow us to take the fear out of dentistry for you. Dr Acker provides a range of different dental services and helpful information for patients looking to improve or maintain their oral health.

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