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Dental Implants & Restorations Staten Island

Restore confidence to your natural smile with dental implants!

It’s pretty normal for patients to be afraid of replacing their lost teeth, mainly because they associate the idea of replacement teeth with a set of traditional dentures and who knows what else!

Now with today’s innovative technology used throughout the dental industry, patients now have the option of fixed dental implants; a permanent solution for missing teeth so patients can go about their lives as if nothing ever changed!

Dental implants are used to replace a single missing tooth or multiple teeth and provide a healthier and less damaging alternative to bridges and dentures. If you feel as if your smile is affecting your self-esteem and oral health, Dr Steven Acker in Elite Dental of Staten Island is committed to providing quality help and information about dental implants and would like to walk you through your treatment options and eligibility today.

I’ve lost just one tooth, how can this be fixed with implants?

Dental implants used for just a single tooth replacement involve a replica tooth crown and a screw-shaped titanium rod.

The first step of the process is where the small titanium rod is surgically imbedded into the gums and jawbone. This acts as a replacement root for the tooth and, thanks to modern science, is able to bond with the jawbone. The jawbone will fuse with the titanium rod as if it were a natural tooth and, as long as its cared for properly, will provide a stable and long-term anchor for the crown.

After your body and jawbone has accepted the titanium root replacement and has healed, an imitation tooth or crown will be secured on top. Your new replacement will usually be made out of tooth coloured ceramic or porcelain materials and are custom designed to perfectly match your natural teeth.

I have lost a few teeth, how can they be fixed with implants?

To replace multiple teeth where the teeth are spread singly throughout the mouth, a dentist may use the single implant method and replace them one-by-one. When the teeth have been lost and are in a set of two or more together, Dr Steven Acker may recommend a fixed bridge restoration anchored by a dental implant.

Reinforced by the titanium rods, the implant-supported fixed bridge treatment connects more than one prosthetic tooth together to create a bridge. This way the teeth are less likely to shift in the jawbone and damage each other. This can provide stability and strength unmatched by dentures, all with the use of just one or more titanium implants.

I need a full jaw of teeth replaced, how can dental implants provide a solution?

It’s common for patients to fear that needing an entire arch of teeth replaced is going to be a life-long drama. When dentures are involved, patients generally need to pay for expensive replacements every 5 to 10 years because dentures are constantly moving and can damage the jawbone, leading to changes in the denture’s fit.

This is where the implant-supported full arch replacement method comes in handy. This replacement method is only used when the patient needs to replace all their teeth on either or both arches. Depending on the jawbone density, you may be able to use the fixed bridge method instead, but any alternatives will be thoroughly discussed in your consultation.

By using a full arch implant, you may be able to keep the natural form of your facial features and jaw structure, giving you back your healthy smile and preserving your gums from further deterioration.

The full arch implant method is especially useful for replacing dentures as it allows extra leeway for patients who have suffered from the loss of jawbone density. It may require a bone graft depending on the damage, however, Dr Steven Acker will explain all of this and more when you come in to see him at Elite Dental of Staten Island.

 How do I know if dental implants are the best treatment for me?

Dr Steven Acker and his team of expertly trained professionals at Elite Dental of Staten Island offer a comprehensive range of dental implant options, including same day implant treatment.

All of these implant methods are proven to have high success rates and as long as you care for your implants by brushing twice and flossing daily, along with any other care we may suggest, you can be prepared for a lifetime of happy smiles with your new natural-look pearly whites.

Want to find out more? Book in a consultation now with Dr Steven Acker in Elite Dental of Staten Island, New York and find out how we can help you restore your beautiful smile today.