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Introduction to Airway Management from a Dental Perspective

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Dr Steve Acker BS, MS, DDS. / Principal Dentist Dr. Acker’s mission has always been to educate and treat patients without the influence of third parties. Elite Dental has signed no agreements with insurance companies either to solicit or treat patients, although Dr. Acker is committed to helping patients understand and benefit properly from any insurance benefits that they may have. Dr. Acker is also extremely active in the business community of Staten Island, and has served as President of the Staten Island Bucks Business Network, a group of over 70 local businesses that are committed to excellence and support for our community.

We are currently building a network of medical professionals that take more of a ‘total wellness’ approach to their practice. If this sounds like you then this webinar is a great first step in building this community!

Breathing is the most important function in the sustainability of life... learn how airway management affects overall health

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