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7 natural tips to easy healthy eating

March is National Nutritional Month – we know our bodies function at their best while we’re indulging in healthy foods, but let’s talk about why healthy eating is so important.

Healthy foods keep acute and critical diseases at bay in addition to remaining a healthy weight for your height. Fad diets have quickly replaced tangible nutritional information, the notorious “Food Pyramid” we observed as children have now changed. It’s becoming clear there is a lot of confusion with what foods we should and shouldn’t consume. Here we have put together simple tips you can apply to your daily life to ensure you are getting the nourishment you need.

1)     VARIETY

With 40 different nutrients needed to ensure you’re receiving good health, you need variety. Plenty of vitamins, iron, and fibre omega 3 as the list goes on. You simply cannot attain all of these nutrients from eating the same foods.

2)     LOW GI

Most likely you have heard from your parents or doctors that low GI foods will assist in sustainable energy. Are you getting halfway through your day and feeling a lack of energy? Are you one of the people who need their daily cup of coffee before being able to function? Most likely your diet is lacking in low GI foods. Adding a vinaigrette dressing to your salad is a delicious way to improve. Eat plenty of bread, pasta and rice as well!


Carbohydrates such as the aforementioned bread, pasta and rice can turn into excess fat if not used appropriately. The best way to ensure this does not occur is to incorporate basic exercise into your routine. Start off small, walking or jogging around the block of your neighbourhood is a great start.

4)     SNACK

Opt for regular, small meals instead of binging once or twice a day. This will keep your metabolism at its peak. This will ensure you’re continually burning stubborn fat.


We know you would have heard this a hundred times and one day we’re being told to drink room temperature water and the next is ice cold. As long as you’re drinking eight glasses (2 litres) a day, you’re doing great. If you struggle drinking that amount, try infused water – it’s also a great way to enhance your intake of nutrients!


The quicker your food becomes inedible, the better it is for you because it has the least amount of preservatives. If something has such a high number of preservatives it lasts unnaturally long, you should not be putting those foods into your system.


Soy and almond milk are great, healthier alternatives for cow’s milk; our body digests dairy-free milk with a lot more ease. A rarely known fact is that soy and almond milk, in particular, possess the same, sometimes more calcium than cow’s milk. Calcium and vitamin D are found in soy and almond milk which are great for your bones and teeth. They also prevent osteoporosis.

With these tips, you will be well on your way to overall health. Remember everything you put into your mouth affects your entire body – you really are what you eat. If you start now, by making gradual adjustments you will begin to see positive changes. In three months’ time, you will either thank yourself or be grateful you started now – or you’ll wish you did!

If you want some more information on how you can improve your oral health with nutritious food, contact the friendly team at Elite Dental of Staten Island today.