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If you have 99 problems, Sleep Apnea could be one!

Do you wake each day feeling as if you haven’t even slept?

You may think that you are one in a few, but with the every growing access to devices for entertainment and work, lack of sleep is now being labelled a “public health epidemic” for Americans by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

So is easy access to technology really the only problem?

Although technology and entertainment definitely does contribute to our blatant lack of interest for our pillows, the CDC recognizes that certain sleep disorders such as insomnia and or obstructive sleep apnea are also known contributors to the problem.

According to the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM), sleep apnea affects more than 18 million Americans and over 90% of people with the condition are undiagnosed.

The following article covers 5 signs that could suggest you have sleep apnea and also offers some simple measures you can take to help you get a good night sleep.

1.       Day-dreaming

As we discussed in our previous article “Is lack of sleep causing you to literally day-dream?” People who feel drowsy when driving are 15 times more likely to be involved in a deadly accident on our roads. Daytime sleepiness or falling asleep during the day is one of the most dangerous symptoms of sleep apnea.

Seek help immediately if you feel as if you’ve been zoning out because day-time drowsiness isn’t just about you alone. Your lack of sleep has an impact on your family, your friends and all those around you.

2.       Obesity

Although it can happen to anyone, sleep apnea has been known to affect patients who have thicker necks, worsening with both age and weight gain if left untreated. The persistent rise of sleep apnea has notably increased alongside obesity rates.

It isn’t just about adults ether. The problem of obesity-associated diseases among children was tested with a 20-year review by the CDC. The review of children aged between 6 and 17 revealed that there was a significant increase in hospital discharges for a number of obesity-related medical conditions, with sleep apnea showing a 436% increase.

3.       Consistently feeling exhausted

If you found that the last conversation you had all you heard were random phrases, it’s likely that’s not just because the conversation was a little boring. The feeling of tiredness and lack of focus is very tightly linked to lack of quality sleep and sleep apnea.

This is because sleep apnea causes the airways to collapse when you sleep. This means it is likely you’ve actually ceased breathing during the course of the night, forcing you to wake and depriving you of solid 6-7 hours of rest.

4.       Persistent snoring

It isn’t unusual for someone to snore but when the snoring becomes excessing and consistent, there could be a chance they have sleep apnea. Considered one of the more apparent and earlier signs, snoring loudly and often is definitely worth a visit to Dr. Acker.

Even if sleep apnea is not the cause behind the snoring, the other main concern is that if snoring is keeping your partner awake, not only is it potentially causing you to feel unrested but it is also depriving those around you from a good night sleep.

5.       Lack of interest in sex

Thought to be linked to feelings of depression, irritation and anxiety, a waning libido is considered a notable sign of sleep apnea. This is because when you are lacking significant rest, your psychological response points towards stress and other distractions over intercourse.

Are there other signs?

There are a handful of other symptoms that can be recognized as sleep apnea. For more information on different notable signs including insomnia, choking or gasping for breath, night-time urination, morning headaches, dry mouth and night sweats, contact Dr. Acker at Elite Dental.

As one of the leading dentists in the region for treatment of sleep apnea, Dr. Acker has had decades of experience in the industry and is committed to providing patients with up-to-date information and technology to ensure your treatment plan flows by smoothly.

Book a consultation with Dr Acker at Elite Dental of Staten Island, New York and find out how we can provide you with a sound and solid sleep for years to come.