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Are missing teeth ruining that perfect smile?

Do you have missing teeth anywhere in your mouth and is it causing you discomfort or embarrassment? Dentures are a quick and simple way to solve a missing tooth problem.

There are 2 main types of dentures;

Conventional Full Dentures – A conventional denture is to be worn by somebody who is missing all of most their teeth in one arch for example the upper or lower arch which would be fitted with upper dentures and lower dentures. With full dentures a flesh coloured acrylic base is fitted over your gums so to not look out of place, and give a most comfortable fitting. The base of the upper denture is made to be able to fit into the roof of your mouth (palate) for the most comfort possible, it is shaped so that it stays in your mouth without causing any problems. The lower denture is shaped to accommodate your tongue. Full dentures take into consideration colour position and structure of your teeth for a perfect smile and make you feel at ease with your teeth again.

Partial Dentures – A partial Denture is where the patient has only a few missing teeth on a particular arch. Partial dentures are different to full dentures in that they sit on metal framework which is attached to your teeth and not to gums. Crowns may be placed onto some of your teeth to help with the structure of the metal framework and serve as an anchor for the denture. Partial dentures are a more comfortable option to bridges, and also allow removal which bridges do not.

There is also the option of going for NMD (Neuromuscular Dentistry). This is where the dentist considers not just teeth but also your muscles and joints, which can lead to a more effective and better end product. NMD is perfect for patients that have no teeth for the dentist to model your new dentures upon. In NMD the dentist precisely measures the activity of the muscles that control the jaw and determine your optimum position for your jaw from that, your bite which you previously did not have if you are without teeth is then built into this jaw position when muscles are truly relaxed. While also taking this procedure to fix your denture issues, the dentist will also use it to look for any abnormalities in your jaw and correct this when finalizing your dentures.

There is no need to be feeling any discomfort or poorly functioning dentures if you go the professional way, you will feel very pleased in whichever route you take in solving your denture issues.