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Dentures Are A Quick And Effective Treatment For Tooth Loss

Missing teeth can cause discomfort and stress even for the best of us, and we would like a quick and easy solution to this problem. Your teeth are one of the most important parts of your body and you should not have to deal with some of them missing and damaged.

Missing teeth can cause pain and discomfort especially in terms of eating and chewing. Continuing to bite with missing teeth, causes discomfort to your gums and mouth in general. One of the most effective and quickest treatments available for the loss of teeth is a denture.

If you have lost your natural teeth, dentures are an immediate treatment that is available. Dentures not only take into account just the space of your missing tooth or teeth, it also takes into account the general health and function of the rest of your mouth and teeth.

You do not want to have a denture placed, and not be able to go along with your daily duties because it is stressful on your mouth. At the end of the day you use your mouth for many things and ultimately some of the most important.

One of the most popular forms of dentures are over dentures. This is where an x-ray is taken of your mouth to determine exactly where the problem is more accurately. When this has been done and your dentist can determine where treatment needs to be done, you will have implants placed into your jaw, usually only 2 are necessary, and then your dentures are simply placed and fixed onto the implants for a secure fitting. You not need to worry about the dentures slipping or clicking because they will be securely placed on top of the implant.