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How to clean dentures

Follow these 5 tips to ensure your dentures are hygienic and stain-free.

Dentures can have a transformative effect, restoring oral form and function in patients where damaged or missing teeth have compromised quality of life. However, in order to provide long-lasting health and aesthetic benefits, dentures need to be properly cleaned and cared for. An effective denture cleaning routine will help to prevent bacteria build-up (and possible fungal infection), as well as minimize the natural effects of wear and tear on your dentures. Read on to learn five top tips for keeping dentures clean.

1. Remove and rinse dentures after eating

In terms of general oral health, one of the big advantages of dentures is the ability to remove and rinse them immediately after eating.

This helps to prevent food particles from getting stuck in your dentures, as well as to wash away acids and enzymes that can lead to staining.

Just take care not to drop your dentures when handling them over the sink: place a cloth or small towel in the basin beneath the tap, and run the water gently over your dentures to rinse them.

2. Brush and floss dentures thoroughly

Just like regular teeth, dentures need to be thoroughly brushed (and flossed) to remove food particles. 

Brush your dentures at least once a day, using a dentist-recommended, non-abrasive denture cleaner and the suggested toothpaste.

Use a soft-bristled brush and take care not to brush too hard, as dentures are prone to developing scratches, where plaque and other bacteria can build up. 

3. Soak dentures overnight

One of the most important denture care tips is to remove and soak your dentures overnight.

Sleeping with your dentures in place leads to unnecessary wear and tear on the artificial teeth, and can exert excessive pressure on the device.

Instead, soak your dentures overnight in a dentist-recommended denture cleaning solution. This will help remove any plaque and stubborn stains on your dentures, and will also serve as a disinfectant to prevent bacteria build up.

Never use very hot water to soak your dentures. This can weaken the device, and even undermine the structural integrity of your dentures.

4. Denture whitening remedies

The internet is full of denture whitening remedies — most of which should be avoided.

  • Do not usethe commonly-recommended home remedies of lemon juice, vinegar and baking soda. Lemon juice is a powerful acid and can cause corrosion, while vinegar can also create chemical micro-pits in your dentures, leading to increased bacteria build up. Baking soda, on the other hand, is too abrasive (even in solution) for safe use with dentures.
    • Although 6% hydrogen peroxide solution is regularly touted as an effective denture stain remover, bleaching products can weaken dentures in the long term, and even permanently alter their color.
    • By far the safest and most effective method of keeping your dentures white and sparkling, is to supplement your effective daily care routine with the occasional professional whitening treatments.Your dentist will use safe, specially-formulated cleaning products to remove stubborn stains and whiten your dentures.

5. Get regular dental check-ups

Another crucial element of any effective denture care routine is to keep regular dental appointments.

Your dentist will be best placed to examine your dentures and advise about the effectiveness of your oral care routine. They will also be on hand to assist, should they feel a professional denture cleaning treatment is required.

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