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Improve your smile in one visit with CEREC Ceramic Restorations

Elite Dental of Staten Island can help give you a set of perfect pearly whites in one single visit

Many people choose CEREC restorations because they are convenient, the procedure is completely comfortable and they make your smile look flawless. CEREC technology is an advanced tooth modelling mechanism used to create perfect moulds to fit over your teeth that blend flawlessly with your natural teeth and gums. The ceramic machine utilizes incredible technological advancements to create meticulous ‘caps’ or porcelain veneers for your teeth s if you’ve been considering veneers why not visit Elite Dental in Staten Island today.

CEREC’s powerful and advanced technology

CEREC has 3 main components which make its ceramic capabilities almost boundless. These three components include:

  •  The scanning technology: Create a scan of your teeth by barely opening your mouth!

The antique or ‘traditional’ means of creating moulds of the teeth involved utilizing tacky dental gum. This gum would be pushed onto the teeth so that a mould could be cast and this process usually took a couple of days to a week to complete. The CEREC device enables quick and seamless scanning of the teeth which provides a more meticulous and accurate mould and is also minimally invasive as it utilizes a small pen-like scanning mechanism.

  • The 3D software or CAD: Your dentist will design the architecture of your new teeth

The scan that was taken of your teeth will then be projected with the CAD software to create a 3D virtual model of your teeth. Your dentist will be able to view this model and analyze your teeth with much more freedom than traditional treatments. The CAD software is traditionally used by architects to create 3D models, but now the scientists behind CEREC have innovatively manipulated the software in order to provide you with high-quality and precise synthetic teeth.

  • The milling device

Once your dentist at Elite Dental of Staten Island has scanned your teeth, you’ll be able to rest peacefully in the waiting room while one of our professional dentists ‘make’ your teeth. We will utilize our milling device to create your restorations as according to your and our exact design specifications.

CEREC can give you a new lease on life!

A smile is a powerful tool in life and that’s why Elite Dental is dedicated to providing you with the greatest tools possible. A healthy set of flawless teeth has been proven to improve business prospects as well as personal ones as your smile is the first thing people notice about you. It has also been proven that a smile has the ability to improve your own mood as well as the mood of people around you. Elite Dental can guarantee that once you’ve had your CEREC restoration you won’t be able to stop smiling!

Elite Dental also offers other restorative dentistry options

If you have more serious dental complications such as missing teeth we can also provide you with high quality treatment such as dental implants and crowns. Dental Implants involve inserting small titanium implants into the jaw so that it can support a fully functional prosthetic tooth. It’s very important to get any dental complications even if they seem minimal. This will ensure the ongoing look and health of your mouth is maintained.

If you are interested in finding out more about Elite Dental’s CEREC restorations or other restorative dentistry treatments please do not hesitate to contact us.