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Is TMJ Causing You Needless Amounts Of Pain?

Most people suffer from grinding teeth, neck pain, headaches and migraines, and automatically link it to a doctors problem, and more than frequently go to the doctor for some form of pain treatment, little do they know that it could actually be a more severe case and it could be TMD (Temporomandibular Disease) which is dental related.

There are many possible causes of TMJ these include; Grinding of teeth, poorly fitting teeth, clenching of the teeth when stressed, head or neck injuries often linked to motor vehicle accidents. The Temporomandibular Joint is a very important joint as it connects the jaw to the skull, to work correctly they need to be properly aligned and the muscles to be working properly and smoothly. They are responsible for many of the jaw movements including eating, swallowing, yawning, talking and kissing.

After your diagnosis of TMJ there is 2 main goals of treatment, these are; relieving the muscle of pain and massaging it using Ultra Low Frequency Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation, this also helps to relieve pain by inducing the body to release endorphins the body natural anaesthetic.

Stabilizing your bite – This means that an orthotic device is worn over your teeth and night. This is used to help create a bite that causes less strain on your jaw and skull and makes for a better quality of life and considerably less pain than you would usually get.

If you feel you have any of the symptoms and have previously not linked them to the syndrome TMJ then you should go and see your dentist and have a consultation to determine whether you could be suffering from TMJ.