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It’s Always Better to be Over Prepared Than Under Prepared – How Preventive Dentistry can Help Protect your Mouth

Catch it before it becomes a real problem with preventive dentistry…

To help avoid severe dental problems and major restorative procedures it is best to get proactive with preventive dentistry treatments and oral hygiene routines! This can help keep your mouth fresh and vibrant while maintaining healthy gums and oral structure in the years to come. At Elite Dental of Staten Island we offer preventive dentistry techniques that can help minimize the risk of tooth decay and gum disease (that can potentially lead to Pulpitis or Periodontitis) Preventive dentistry can be important for all patients at any age in helping to maintain your oral health.

What can Preventive Dentistry actually prevent?

Ensuring you maintain good oral health, preventive methods can protect your mouth in the long run. Preventive dentistry can help target, treat and avoid severe tooth decay or gum disease from occurring.

Periodontitis, which is a severe gum disease, is a progression of gingivitis (a mild gum disease that causes irritation and bleeding). This disease is a result of the infection and inflammation of the gums, which is caused by plaque, tartar and microbial bacteria. If your teeth are not brushed or flossed properly or over significant periods of time than the bacteria will continue to irritate the gums and may lead to serious gum disease (such as periodontitis) which causes the gums to peel from the teeth and exposing the sensitive tooth roots below the gum line.

Preventive dentistry can also target and help treat decaying teeth which occurs when bacteria in your mouth eats away at your tooth causing cavities, pain, infections and potentially tooth loss. At Elite Dental of Staten Island we offer a range of preventive techniques that can assist with keeping your smile clean and healthy to help avoid major gum disease and tooth decay.

At Elite Dental of Staten Island we take control of your oral health with the CariFree system…

The CariFree system uses an advanced science and technology to recognize and treat bacterial infections while promoting oral health. Dr. Acker uses the CariFree system to measure the scale of damaging bacteria on your teeth. If harmful bacteria are identified, the CariFree treatment plan may be used to prevent further dental problems. We recommend that all our patients take a CariFree scan one per year to consistently evaluate any changes in your mouth. The treatment can determine your level of oral health in just one minute and will help determine future oral health problems and cavities in the future. Why wouldn’t you spend an extra minute to help avoid a future dental emergency?

Our preventive, non-surgical solution to Periodontal Disease (Periodontitis)…

Did you know that half of Americans aged 30 or older have periodontitis, the more advanced form of gingivitis. Periodontal disease is an inflammatory disease that will affect the soft and hard structures that support your teeth. In its early stage, it is called gingivitis and the gums become swollen and red as a result of inflammation.

Here at Elite Dental of Staten Island Dr. Acker we offer our patients with active periodontal disease non-surgical periodontal therapies. Pocket measurements are done at each visit, and the condition of the gum tissue is also measured. Ultrasonic instrumentation, hand instrumentation, and use of antibacterial medications are used to determine severity and progress of your periodontitis.

A DNA test can determine the type and quantity of disease-causing bacteria in your mouth…

If you are experiencing any symptoms of gingivitis or periodontitis this gentle oral rinse procedure may help determine your level of gum disease. At Elite Dental of Staten Island we perform a 30 second procedure by swishing a small amount of sterile saline throughout the mouth to gather a sample to be processed at OralDNA Labs. The lab report will help identify bacteria associated with the gum infection and will allow us to develop a far more powerful and effective treatment plan. As with most disease, early and targeted treatment can help stop periodontal disease before permanent damage occurs.

Keeping your teeth for the rest of your life with minimal intervention is extremely important to us at Elite Dental of Staten Island. Preventive care can help minimize your risk of developing tooth decay and periodontal disease.

To learn more about our preventive treatments please feel free to call 718 370 1200 or contact us to book an appointment.