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Now Braces Can Be Worn Without The Embarrassment

Braces can be embarrassing for anybody that needs to wear them. They are more commonly known to be worn by teenagers and can be the cause of misjudgement of a person. Braces can also be worn by adults, but they feel at their age wearing conventional metal braces can be unsightly and not the correct option for them to choose to straighten and realign their teeth to the shape that they should be in.

You now no longer have to suffer with the look of unsightly and unattractive wires and brackets that conventional metal braces have because you can now undergo treatment called Invisalign, which can straighten and fix your teeth through the use of clear aligners.

Invisalign consists of you having a consultation with your dentist to determine the best treatment and final results for your teeth. A 3D map is then taken of your teeth from start to finish so that you can even see what the end results are going to be like, before you even undergo the invisible braces treatment. This is all then sent off to a lab for some Invisalign braces to be made for you to start the treatment.

You will then be asked to wear your Invisalign braces for however long your dentist feels that it should take for you achieve the end results that you desire. For some, teeth whitening treatment is often needed after the end course of traditional braces. The major benefits of Invisalign are that you can take them off when you eat or clean your teeth. This means that your mouth is still performing to the best of its ability, while you’re still able to clean your teeth properly.