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Restore Your Smile In One Visit to the Dentist (CEREC)

While the experience of undergoing certain dental treatments in the past has been a lengthy and repetitive process, with options in one visit dentistry now offering you the latest in smile makeover technology, you needn’t spend days and months revisiting the dental surgery.

For teeth that are in need of restoration, porcelain dental veneers offer a durable, aesthetically desirable and compatible material for use against your existing teeth and gums for optimum impact and an effective means for achieving your positive sense of well-being.

CEREC porcelain veneers for teeth are a revolutionary new option for creating your perfect smile and overcoming the problems you may have with damaged teeth. The CEREC system undertakes a scan of your mouth in order to create an optical impression. The usual method o f creating a physical impression can not only be a messy, but also lengthy process. The swift and hassle free method of using digital imagery for this purpose allows your experience to be clean and unobtrusive and can give you beautiful new teeth in one visit to the dentist.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) software processes and to recreates your perfect smile, suited to your face and mouth and, once established, your impression is sent to a milling machine to form your restored teeth.

Once in place your new teeth are polished and bonded in fit with your mouth and made secure and permanent.

The CEREC system is such an efficient method that the whole experience, from initial consultation through to departure with your new smile fully intact, can take as little as one hour to complete, making your day a truly enlightening and positive one.