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Want an excuse to practice healthy hygiene habits? Try teeth whitening


Teeth whitening treatments are a great way to boost the glow of your smile and can help your features appear more youthful.

But that is not all! Studies have found that people who have had their teeth whitened are more inclined to practice positive hygiene habits in comparison to those who haven’t undergone whitening treatment.

This isn’t all together that surprising though, is it?

If you are going to go out of your way to get your teeth whitened then you want to ensure they stay white for as long as possible and what better way to help the process than by brushing twice daily and flossing your pearly whites. These daily actions coupled with regular check-ups every six months can provide you with longer lasting results.

Why choose teeth whitening?

According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) Smile Survey which was conducted by Kelton in 2012 and was carried out by over 1,000 nationally representative Americans, the following statistics were discovered:

The smile is the most timelessly attractive feature

This was voted the highest with 45% percent of participants agreeing that a smile is thought to continue to be the most attractive feature as we age.

Make it memorable…

Almost half the participants were in agreement that the smile is most likely to be remembered when you first meet someone. Comparably the next closest winner was the first thing a person said which only earned 25% of the vote.

Spend money on it!

80% of participants agreed that they would pay for youth so why not spend the money in the most inexpensive way? If your smile is your most attractive, timeless and memorable feature, whitening your smile to replenish a youthful glow should be high on the priority list.

What teeth whitening treatment can do for you

Discoloration and staining on the teeth can be quite a disheartening problem. Often have discoloured teeth can leave patients feeling embarrassed to smile. Lifestyle factors can significantly affect the color and quality of your teeth. Generally, discolouration can be an outcome of consuming staining foods and beverages such as:

  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Wine
  • Antibiotics
  • Foods with natural dyes

Other factors such as smoking can also cause discolouration. Here at Elite Dental in Staten Island, we provide a dentist prescribed teeth whitening treatment for patients to help boost and whiten your smile.

Staten Island’s teeth whitening treatment

The treatment uses the active ingredient of carbamide peroxide that can only be specifically prescribed by a dentist. Your soft and hard tissues will be protected, teeth will be coated with the solution and then using a light source to activate the gel, your teeth should be visibly whiter after a period of a few weeks.

Teeth whitening at Elite Dental is safe and proven to provide exceptional results

Every treatment varies depending on the nature of the discoloration. To find out if you are applicable for Elite Dental’s teeth whitening treatment located in Staten Island, book a consultation with us today.