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Why sugar-free gum can help prevent decay

With the announcement of Kraft producing a gum that whitens teeth, we at Elite Dental decided to investigate further the effect of chewing gum…

Food giant Kraft has developed a new formula for tooth-whitening chewing gum. The company has claimed improved stability of peroxide in gum compositions, and has filed a patent for tooth-whitening chewing gum that utilizes encapsulated peroxide within the base.

With this new development under way, we at Elite Dental in Staten Island decided to compile some reasons as to why sugar-free gum can help prevent tooth decay. Other than the obvious benefit of pulling food particles from between teeth, chewing sugar-free gum can also prevent decay by increasing saliva flow and releasing milk proteins.

It is important that we emphasize that it is chewing sugar-free gum that helps to prevent decay. Gums with added sugars will only speed up decay by giving harmful bacteria in the mouth a breeding ground to accumulate on teeth and develop into plaque.

Why increasing saliva flow is important

When we eat we automatically increase the levels of saliva in the mouth to help digest the food particles in the mouth. The same thing happens when we chew gum, as saliva helps protect our teeth by keeping them clean and strengthening the enamel. It has been found that chewing sugar-free gum regularly helps keep your saliva glands healthy and become more efficient the more we chew.

This increased saliva flow also means that you will have more saliva not only whilst chewing, but also while you are not chewing – giving your mouth a natural protection against foreign bacteria and shielding your teeth from plaque.

Keep your smile healthy with us at Elite Dental…

At Elite Dental located in Staten Island, we are committed to your total oral health. We believe that prevention is always better than a cure and encourage all our patients to incorporate healthy teeth cleaning habits into their daily routines. At Elite Dental we provide a range of preventive dental treatments to help keep your oral health optimal, such as:

  • The CariFree System for Oral Health – This system utilizes advanced science and technology to easily detect, identify and treat bacterial infection and help promote oral health.
  • Gum Health and Hygiene Program – This program is used to determine if you are undergoing an active cycle of periodontal (gum) disease.
  • Gum Disease – We take gum disease very seriously, and strive to resolve every case of periodontal disease we come across in our patients.
  • Salivary Diagnostics and Oral DNA – We offer two salivary DNA tests to help you fight gum disease. This exciting new test is for anyone with symptoms of gingivitis or periodontal disease.

Don’t neglect your mouth; keep your smile beautiful and healthy with the help of Elite Dental, where your comfort, treatment and results are our top priorities.

For more information on our dental treatments available at our conveniently located Staten Island dental practice or to book an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us.