Salivary Diagnostics and Oral DNA

Dr. Steven Acker is now offering a salivary DNA test to fight gum disease!

Emerging research has generated widespread interest in the development of rapid, chair side tests that use saliva or other oral fluids for disease detection. Sampling oral fluids, instead of blood or urine, offers an attractive medium for detecting a range of candidate biomarkers, such as proteins, electrolytes, hormones, antibodies and DNA/RNA.

A simple oral DNA test can now determine the specific type and quantity of disease-causing bacteria in your mouth. These bacteria, if left untreated can cause periodontal disease, tooth loss, and also affect your risk for developing other systemic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes among others.

Advantages of using oral fluid for disease diagnostics include:

  • Ease of access,
  • Noninvasive sample collection,
  • Increased acceptance by patients,
  • Rapid results,
  • Reduced risks of infectious disease transmission

This exciting new test is for anyone with symptoms of gingivitis or periodontal disease.

These symptoms include: bleeding gums, bad breath, red or inflamed gums or loss of bone around your teeth. Other indications for this test would be prior to extensive dental procedures and in some cases, surgical clearance (such as heart surgery or joint replacements).

This gentle oral rinse procedure is performed by swishing a small amount of sterile saline throughout the mouth and can be done in about 30 seconds. The sample is then sent to OralDNA Labs, ( for processing.

Advanced treatment planning

The lab report that we get back will identify the bacteria associated with your gum infection and allow us to develop a far more powerful and effective treatment plan. Through this state-of-the-art technology, we are now able to treat the cause of the infection and not just the symptoms.  The goal of therapy then becomes to reduce your overall bacterial risk for disease progression. As with most disease, earlier treatment and targeted treatment can help stop periodontal disease before irreversible damage occurs.

Optimized care

In addition to the bacterial DNA test, we can also offer you a genetic susceptibility test that will tell us if your genetic makeup puts you at greater risk for developing gum tissue infections (due to an exaggerated immune response). This will further enable us to optimize our therapy and care program.

Prevention is better than cure’, therefore it is beneficial to have a Disease Susceptibility Gene Test conducted without delay. Genetic susceptibility test can check the condition of your:

  • Respiratory  System
  • Cardio-Cerebral Vascular System
  • Digestive System
  • Urinary / Blood / Endocrine System
  • Male Related Diseases
  • Female Related Disease

If you or a loved one is in need of either of these tests, please call for more information. It is our mission to offer you the most cutting edge, comprehensive oral-systemic healthcare available.

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