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Sleep Dentistry at Elite Dental

Elite Dental has a reputation for delivering the highest quality of care and service. We offer anxious patients Sleep Dentistry to receive the dental treatments they need while removing the fear associated with the dentist.

At Elite Dental, we understand that for many of our patients, fear and anxiety concerning dental treatment is a serious condition. We want to help remove this anxiety so our patients can receive the dental care they deserve. By offering sedation dentistry, our specialists are able to work around any phobias you may suffer from the utmost ease.

Virtually pain-free dentistry

Virtually pain-free, sedation dentistry may be ideal for you. Sleep dentistry is not solely offered to patients with dental treatment anxiety, but also an excellent option for patients who need multiple treatments and don’t want to exceed a single appointment.

Dr Acker is New York State Certified in Conscious Sedation. His Staten Island practice offers sedation using sedatives often in combination with Nitrous Oxide. Treating apprehensive patients has always been the foundation of Elite Dental of Staten Island. We strive to deliver our patients with the highest level of comfort during our dental treatments. Using state of the art dental techniques and technology, patients will feel virtually no pain at all. Throughout the procedure, you will be in a deeply relaxed state and at ease. Your vital signs are monitored throughout your entire visit with our specialists by your side during the process.

The sedative agents offered at Elite Dental of Staten Island ensure the highest degree of safety and effectiveness for your dental treatment. If you are a patient that requires sedation, please let a member of Elite Dental know of your requests in advance. Driving is prohibited after undergoing Sedation Dentistry so you will need to arrange transportation to and from the office.

Who can undergo Sleep Dentistry?

Elite Dental of Staten Island offers sleep dentistry so that you can relax and feel at ease while the dentist gives you the treatments you need. This sedation is ideal for patients who:

  • Suffer from a high anxiety of dental treatment, fear of needles or shots
  • Negatively affected by noises, smells or tastes associated with dental care
  • Embarrassed by oral health and care
  • Require extensive dental work
  • Have had previous negative dental experiences
  • Suffer from very sensitive teeth
  • Have a strong gag reflex
  • Have difficulty achieving a numb sensation
  • Have limited time to undergo dental restoration

Your candidacy for sleep dentistry will be discussed during a consultation at Elite Dental of Staten Island.

Dr Steve Acker, Sleep Dentistry

Dr Acker has a number of qualifications as well as extensive experience with anxious patients and sleeps dentistry.  With over 30 years’ as an authority in his industry, Dr Acker has always been committed to educating patients and helping improve their complete, overall health.

The team at Elite Dental of Staten Island recognise the important contribution your teeth make to a beautiful smile, and the contribution a beautiful smile makes to your confidence. Don’t let fear and anxiety of dental treatments stop you from receiving the dental care you deserve.

To find out more about sedation dentistry or to book a consultation, please contact us.