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Take the fear out of your dental visit

Your visit to the dentist doesn’t have to be a scary one!

Here at Elite Dental in Staten Island, our principle dentist Dr. Steve Acker is committed to providing consistently positive experiences for his patients. The following article outlines what you can expect to experience at Elite Dental, from introduction and screening, education and examination, to follow up maintenance and check-ups.

Do you have a fear of the dentist or dental pain? No problem.

This article will also discuss how we tackle phobias with pain-free, sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry can be extremely helpful for those experiencing dental anxiety and this article could be the ideal way to persuade you to visit our dental practice.

Step 1 – Meet the team

On your first visit to Elite Dental, you’ll be initially greeted by one of our fantastic team members.  Whether it is Dr Acker, Dr Polinsky, one of our trained hygienists or a support member, as a team we hope to provide you with a relaxed environment and positive initial introduction.

From your first visit you’ll be offered the opportunity to enjoy the following services:

  • The option to view our treatment rooms
  • Information on technology used in the practice
  • Enjoy the patient facilities available
  • Get to know the compassionate team of professionals and support members

After you’re satisfied with your tour, Dr. Acker will likely discuss with you the reason for your visit and delicately perform a dental evaluation with you to see how he can generate the best treatment plan to suit you.

Step 2 – Come back!

Now that you have had a wander around the practice, got to know the team and are familiar with your treatment options from your initial screening, Dr. Acker will provide a full oral examination.

A comprehensive examination is generally carried out with a full oral assessment to determine the most effective treatment plan. Dr. Acker will give you all the knowledge you need for your prescribed treatment, including:

  1. Information on any oral hygiene tips that may be needed to improve your oral health
  2. A walk-through of the treatment needed (if any)
  3. The times and costs of the treatment
  4. Finally, what to expect from your results

Our team of dental hygienists are especially helpful and expertly trained in the areas of optimal oral hygiene and care and are able to offer you detailed advice about achieving excellent dental health.

Step 3 – Your personal treatment and post treatment needs

The third step to your visit is the treatment. Now this may be where you’ve decided to put the brakes on…

Fear of dentistry or dental pain is surprisingly a relatively common phobia. Here at Elite Dental in Staten Island, we offer the choice of sedation dentistry for those patients who are sincerely struggling with dental anxiety.

This extra option for your treatment has the following different benefits:

  • Allows you to undertake the treatments without pain
  • You may be able to complete more than one treatment at a time rather than attend multiple appointments
  • You will be sedated and unable to see any aspects of the treatment!

Not every patient requires sedation dentistry but if you feel that it could be the most appropriate way to get through your treatment, be sure to discuss this with Dr Acker in your initial meeting.

Upon the completion of your treatment, it’s important to follow routine visits every 6 months to ensure your oral health is on the right track. Maintenance is the key to long-term health so by attending regular check-up’s you can strive to keep your mouth and gums decay-free, disease-free and tartar-free.

Feeling a little more relaxed about your dental visit?

Here at Elite Dental of Staten Island, New York, we understand that visiting the dentist can be nerve-racking so we hope we’ve been able to shed some light on how we can help you feel more comfortable throughout your dental visit.

To find out more about sedation dentistry and your dental needs, book a consultation with Dr Acker today.